I am thankful for a wonderful family and job. I teach Spanish and manage the language lab at a local university. I help faculty and students with their technology needs. My job has given me many wonderful opportunities to serve others.

I love learning in general and have many areas of interest. I especially love developing my knowledge of Linux and free and open source software (FOSS). It is a blessing to have available. As a Christian, FOSS enables me to practice good stewardship of the resources I have been given. Hardware can be used for much longer without running into planned obsolescence. Furthermore, good stewardship means investing in developing your mind and knowledge. FOSS invites creativity, learning, and innovation at a level that is not possible with closed software.

I first installed Linux in 2013 via Crouton on a Chromebook. I remember spending an afternoon playing with the Xfce user interface. I found it delightful that so much could be customized and that I could set up the interface however I wanted. I discovered that freedom and control was completely in the user's hands. In 2014, I started using Linux as my full-time desktop operating system. It has been a fun journey. FOSS is important to me, but nothing compares to the liberation I have from my sin through the work of Christ on the cross. Ultimately, my identity is in Him, and all else is secondary.